For over thirty years Mallacoota Arts Council has been serving our community.  

Our primary task is with care and imagination to bring into our community high quality arts experiences, create opportunities for individual and group self expression and skill development through  community and fine arts activities and promote, encourage and present the artistic endeavors of our community.






















Our Current



  • Managing Artisans and Producers Markets.
  • Presenting Community Christmas Markets.
  • Managing The E J Brady Short Story Competition.
  • Presenting 'Just Shows to Go' Cafe Culture Program.
  • Hosting Indi Band Performances.
  • Presenting "The Best of St Kilda Short Film Festival".
  • Managing the Mallacoota Arts Space.






Those of you from far flung parts or new to Mallacoota may have been wondering about our logo.

It has been the our emblem for about nine years replacing the wandering albatros.  

A popular past-time in Mallacoota is to build small structures from the flat stones that abound on our beaches and small figures from the rounded boulders.   Some photgraphs of some of these structures were presented to the arts council.


The notion that they could be a very good logo for our organization was quickly agreed.  Libby Greig - one of Mallacoota's leading artists and fine artistic interpreter of the Mallacoota coast was commissioned to render one of the photos into pen and ink.  I think you will agree she did a very sensitive and evocative rendering.

The reason the image was picked can be sumarized as -

  • The figures and other structures made a community of art.
  • Many of the figures appeared to be deep in conversation   with each other.
  • It was a local art form in which anyone could participate.
  • It was environmentally neutral.
  • Like much of community art it was ephemeral and the components could be used over and over again.